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Autumn Term 2017 Newsletter

Autumn Term 2017 Newsletter


Dear Parents and Pupils

Welcome back after the long summer break.  It’s the start of the academic year and I’d like to wish everyone starting at a new school the very best of luck.  Invariably we must say goodbye to some of our older students who are starting college or university and I will miss them greatly, particularly Sophie and Caiti who assisted with the younger children’s classes on Thursdays, the children will miss the girls too.  Sophie passed her Intermediate Ballet exam in the holiday and we congratulate her whole-heartedly on achieving this professional exam on top of her A Levels.

This term we welcome back Miss Gwen who taught for MG Dance some years ago, I’m sure some of you will remember her, and it is wonderful to have her back.  She will be teaching the higher modern and tap grades on Mondays, the ballet on Tuesdays and an adult jazz class which will be held Tuesdays 8.15 – 9pm at our Ashford venue, starting 12th September, all ages and abilities welcome, £5.  Come along with a friend/mum/daughter, wear anything you can move in and trainers. We’re hoping to re-commence our adult tap class and will let you know details as soon as possible.

Timetable. There have been a few tweaks to the timetable so please check it carefully.  The Monday classes will start slightly later to hopefully ease the rush from school and the Grade 4 Tap and Modern have had to be swopped around (sorry Erin and Lily). Tuesday and Friday classes have slightly altered but Thursday and Saturday are the same.

Exams.  We do not have enough pupils ready to take an exam this term to allow us to have an exam session.  Our next session or sessions will be March 2018, dates to be confirmed as soon as I hear back from the ISTD.  Please keep up the hard work; we are making significant improvements in our results year on year and we want to keep raising the standards ergo the confidence of the students.

Friday 8th December.  We have been asked to vacate the hall early on this date so the last class and the Wye term will finish at 5.30pm on the 8th December. Please also note that Friday class times have altered slightly from last term so check the timetable below.

Uniform.  Please encourage your child to wear the correct uniform, particularly older girls doing modern who must wear a leotard to class and not sports tops etc.  Please make sure your child has elastics on their ballet shoes and the correct leg wear, ballet socks up to and including Level 1, ballet tights for Level 2 upwards. The uniform is listed on our website .  Hair must be tied up for all classes and in a bun for girls in Level 3 ballet upwards.

Show DVD.  If you still owe for your show DVD please add the £15 to this term’s fees which are listed below.


11th September to 9th December

Half Term: 22nd to 29th October

Spring Term Starts 8th January 2018

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Absent or Discontinuing Classes Don’t forget if you are away for two or more classes please let your teacher know.  If you are discontinuing classes we do not insist on a term’s notice or a term’s fees in lieu of notice as some other schools but we would like to be informed well in advance of the beginning of a new term.



 HALF HOUR LESSON                                                                       £48
40 to 50  MINUTE LESSON                                                                 £54
ONE HOUR LESSON                                                                         £66


Two or more of the above for the same pupil = 10% discount

Payments can be made by cash in named envelope, by cheque to MG Dance (please put pupil’s name on back) or online.

 Address Cards   If you are new to the school or you have moved lately or changed phone number please ask for an address card.

Looking forward to an exciting new term.

Kind regards, Liz


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