Liz Moriarty, January 3, 2018

Spring Newsletter 2018

Spring Term 2018 Newsletter


Dear Parents and Pupils

Happy New Year to everyone and thank you so much for the amazing gifts and cards (some super talented artists!) so very kind and thoughtful and gratefully received.

There has been a lot of sickness around this holiday but I hope everyone will be feeling ready to get back into class or indeed try out any new classes. I’m very keen to drum up enough interest in our adult jazz class to keep it going so if you know anyone that is looking for a fun exercise class, especially those with some dance experience, then please spread the word; Mondays 8.00 to 8.45pm, Ashford Venue, £5.  Please let us know if you are interested so we have an idea of numbers.

New Primary Ballet class starting in Wye on Wednesdays 3.30 to 4.00pm  There are still a few spaces available in this class so please get in touch if you would like to join.  Any children attending the Friday Primary class who wish to switch to a Wednesday are welcome to do so.

Timetable. Hopefully you will have received the new timetable at the end of last term.  Please check it carefully.

Exams.  We have a ballet exam session, mainly the younger grades, on Sunday 4th March 2018.  The modern and tap exams will be held in May and another ballet session is planned for June/July.  We will confirm dates asap.  Exam pupils are very welcome and encouraged to join in with other classes at same or alternative venues for extra practice to build confidence and technique.

Uniform.  Please encourage your child to wear the correct uniform, particularly older girls doing modern who must wear a leotard to class and not sports tops etc.  Please make sure your child has elastics on their ballet shoes and the correct leg wear, ballet socks up to and including Level 1, ballet tights for Level 2 upwards. The uniform is listed on our website .  Hair must be tied up for all classes and in a bun for girls in Level 3 ballet upwards.

Please like our Facebook page:  for any winter weather arrangements, fingers crossed there won’t be any.

Absent or Discontinuing Classes Don’t forget if you are away for two or more classes please let your teacher know.  If you are discontinuing classes we do not insist on a term’s notice or a term’s fees in lieu of notice as some other schools but we would like to be informed well in advance of the beginning of a new term.

Fees must be paid termly.  This term Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday classes have 11 weeks in the term but due to the early Easter, Friday and Saturday classes only have 10 weeks.

Those pupils taking 2 or more classes are entitled to a 10% discount off their bill providing the fees are paid on time (parents paying large bills in 2 instalments may still apply the discount).



 HALF HOUR LESSON:               £44 for 11 weeks or £40 for 10 weeks
                40 to 50  MINUTE LESSON:            £49.50 for 11 weeks or £45 for 10 weeks                                                                                  
ONE HOUR LESSON:                      £60.50 for 11 weeks or £55 for 10 weeks                                                                                                                                                                                              

Address Cards   If you are new to the school or you have moved lately or changed phone number please ask for an address card.

Looking forward to an exciting new term.

Kind regards, Liz, Gwen and Sophie