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Autumn Newsletter 2020


All Term Dates and Timetables are subject to change.

Term commences Friday 18th September to Saturday 5th December

Half Term: Sunday 25th Oct to Sunday 1st Nov

Dear Parents and Pupils

Just when I thought we were able to get back to some sort of normality I have received the frustrating news from the Ashford Parish Council that they are currently unwilling to open the Ashford hall this month for our lessons.

I am in the process of appealing this decision as the government clearly states that the ‘Rule of 6’, introduced last week, should not affect educational activities.

Therefore all of our Ashford classes are regrettably on hold until further notice, with the exception of our Tuesday classes which will be held at the Repton Community Centre (subject to confirmation). The Tuesday timetable may need to be adjusted if we can find a way to accommodate more classes on that day.

I have some space in some of our Wye classes if people are willing and able to travel.

I shall contact individual classes with more information on that in the next few days.

I am extremely disappointed by the recent decision made by the Ashford Parish council regarding the hall, but am hopeful that it will only be a short delay to the start of our Ashford classes.
As you may know the Methodist Church hall in Wye is also currently unavailable to us but we are able to hold classes at the Village hall for this term.
For classes that can resume we would like to make dance classes feel as normal as possible but must follow the current guidelines therefore please adhere to the following requests:

  • One adult per family to bring their child to the main entrance and only the child enters the building, younger children will be met by their teacher at the entrance and, after hand sanitising, will be instructed to go into the hall where they will sit on a socially distance chair with their dance bag and wait for the class to start.


  • We will be running a one-way system; the Wye Village halls, which are ajoined, we will exit through the fire exits, the small hall fire exit is on the far left of the building and the large hall exit is on the far right of the building.


  • On collection, please wait outside and the teacher will bring your child to the exit.


  • Pupils, where possible, should come ready dressed in their clean dance uniform with their dance shoes in their bag which they can change into once in the hall.  Please wear ballet/jazz shoes for modern as we cannot have bare feet.


  • I have allowed time between classes for cleaning; ballet barres, chairs, door handles etc


  • Please encourage your child to use the bathroom at home before coming to class to minimise the use of the hall’s facilities.


  • Windows and internal doors will be open during class whenever possible and exterior doors opened between classes to increase ventilation.  As we move into the winter students may need to keep warm-ups on. Wrap-overs and hoodies are acceptable.


  • Please remember to put a water bottle in your dance bag as we are not permitted to use the kitchens.


  • As always, but especially now, please have hair tied up and away from your face to discourage any touching of the face.  Classical buns for Level 3 ballets up please.

Social Distancing As experienced dance teachers we are very used to socially distancing our pupils within the class and for that reason I have decided, for now, not to tape out permanent floor spaces but will use instead, as we have often done in the past, stickers and chalk etc.

Class Numbers will be limited to maintain social distancing.  As you know we are now limited to only meet with 6 people in a social situation, this does NOT include schools and exercise classes, it clearly states this on the Gov.UK website.  We will have small classes, if the numbers look to exceed a safe number then we will split the class.

Music will be at an appropriate volume.
Face Masks  Primary school children are not required to wear face masks. Older Students and staff should be prepared to wear a mask but hopefully we will not have to unless we receive guidance to do so. If you have any concerns regarding masks please contact me to discuss.

Pre-School Class I am looking forward to starting up a pre-school class again just as soon as I can find a time and a place, that suits the age group whilst still working within the safety guidelines.

Uniform I’m happy to order in uniform for you, prices below, text me if you would like anything 07753 495135. You can pay the same way as the fees.  As mentioned above, clothing and uniform must be washed after each session. If you have hired tap shoes from the school in the past please return them if you need an exchange.

March 2020 Ballet Exams We just got in under the wire before lockdown with our March exams.  Everyone did brilliantly with all pupils receiving a Distinction or Merit.  The Imperial Society have written to me to say the reports and certificates are now being processed, their offices have only just re-opened, and we should receive them sometime in October.

Huge Congratulations to Millie Young Wood who starts at Central School of Ballet this month on their Associates Saturday course. It’s a highly competitive course and hopefully will bring her a step closer to her goal of joining a full time vocational dance school. Well done Millie and so good to have some really positive news.

Please like our Facebook page: for any winter weather arrangements or covid-19 updates.

Address Cards  It is vitally important that I have up-to-date phone numbers for pupils so if you are new to the school or you have moved lately or changed phone number please ask for an address card or text me on 07753 495135 to let me know any changes.

Absent or Discontinuing Classes Don’t forget if you are away for two or more classes please let your teacher know.  If you are discontinuing classes we do not insist on a term’s notice or a term’s fees in lieu of notice as some other schools but we would like to be informed well in advance of the beginning of a new term.

Thank you SO much for your continued support and encouragement.  Our timetable, posted below, will undoubtedly need alterations as we go through the term, so please bear with us and I sincerely hope we can get through the next few months with as little disruption as possible to make our young peoples’ lives as normal as possible.

Kind regards, Liz, Gwen and Sophie

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