Liz Moriarty, May 18, 2013

Timetable Changes

We have just updated the website with some changes to Liz’s ballet classes. Tuesdays at Ashford and Fridays at Wye have changed already, and after half-term there will be more changes on Thursdays at Ashford. Please check to make sure you don’t turn up too early or late. If you have any queries then get in touch with Liz.

Don’t forget, our timetable shows the definitive list of classes, and individual entries can be copied to your home or smartphone calendar too! Simply click on the relevant class and choose ‘copy to my calendar’.

Liz Moriarty, March 7, 2013

Ballet Exam Date

Sunday 7th July 2013

Ballet exams will take place in the Church Hall in Ashford on this date…this is for Primary Class Exam through to Grade 4. Please add it to your diary, Liz will send notices to the relevant pupils by the end of  May.